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Premium Assam Green Tea 100g

Premium Assam Green Tea 100g


Sourced from finest tea estates of Assam, each pack of the Whole Leaf Green Tea is vacuum packed to ensure that the tea reaches your doorstep with the leaf absolutely intact. With a brisk aroma & grassy undertone, each brew is designed to deliver a smooth & rich experience in every sip. Our Classic Green Tea provides vital antioxidants making it healthy and super delicious. Our tea is smooth and very delicate, enjoy the whole cup and it's easy to drink hot or iced. This green tea is made by infusing green tea leaves with jasmine flowers. This tea is known for its refreshing taste and aroma and is sure to brighten your mood and 100% Natural. Jump into your day with our lively blend of green tea and healthy herbs. This energizing boost begins with an essential core of fine green tea, reinforced with all the natural flavours of soothing honey and quickening lemon give this blend its smooth, yet complex taste. This tea contains high levels of antioxidants to better support and improves your health naturally. This product contains all-natural ingredients and flavours, and no artificial colours or preservatives and gluten-free.

1. Contains healthy bioactive compounds.

2. May improve brain function.

3. Increases fat burning.

4. Antioxidants may lower the risk of some cancers.

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