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Organic Jowar 1kg

Organic Jowar 1kg


Jowar is one of the most ancient food forms to be consumed by all our ancestors. It is known to be extremely healthy, nutritious and tasty. Its heavy dietary fibers make jowar a wholesome meal that is a good source of energy to last you through the day. Our naturally sourced jowar from the farmers ensure that there is no use of chemicals, pesticides or artificial preservatives at any stage of the supply chain. An indigenous variety of seed found in various areas of rural India, jowar contains proteins which helps in maintaining strong health and is also a very good source of energy. High Fiber helps in keeping Body Weight in check and is super easy to digest. Daliya or Khichdi made from these millets is extremely healthy and yummy! You can also grind the jowar into a fine powder and use it to make soft chapatis. Serve hot with dals, vegetables and salads for deliciously wholesome meal.

Energy 334.1 Kcal, Protein 9.97g, Fat 1.73g, Fibre 10.22g

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