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Cold Pressed Mustard Oil 1 Liter

Cold Pressed Mustard Oil 1 Liter



Our mustard oil is fresh from the Rajesthan. It is higher in nutritional value, taste and aroma than any refined or expeller pressed oil. The best quality seeds are picked directly from farmers. It comes with the best omega-3 to omega-6 ratio and is ideal for Indian cooking.

Best in texture and taste - Extracted using the traditional Chekku wooden pressing method which ensures that all the nutrients and goodness in the oil is retained.

100% Certifide Organic and Cold pressed Lab tested oils.

  • Certifide Organic by NPOP,USDA,JAIVIK BHARAT Under APEDA  Gov. Authority
  • 100% natural, unprocessed, cold pressed, chemical-free and healthy
  • 100% pure, vegan, preservative free and gluten free
  • Wood-pressing method ensures that all the nutrients and rich taste of groundnut is retained
  • Rich in Vitamin-E ensures you have happy skin
  • Well-suited for low and medium temperature cooking
  • Stimulates production of essential juices in the digestive system
  • 42% oleic acid content makes it a good hair tonic